Why I Love The Sonic Movie Trailer

Logan Busbee
3 min readApr 30, 2019


If you’ve been on any form of social media within the past day, it’s likely you’ve heard about the trailer for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Yes, a live-action movie based on a video game character that peaked in the 90s and has had a struggle maintaining relevance ever since is coming out in 2019. Now if you’re thinking that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the best movie, you’re not wrong. However, before you continue this episode, you really need to watch the trailer and soak all of its insanity in.

Know you might be wondering how any sane person could unironically enjoy that trailer, and I’m right there with you. There is so much weird and terrible stuff in this trailer, from both a Sonic standpoint, as well as a general movie standpoint. But, before I get to the bad stuff and why I truly love this trailer, let me mention some of the actual good things about it (don’t worry, it’s a short list).

First off, Ben Schwartz is a great choice to voice Sonic. I definitely feel like he could have been the movie’s best part, but the lines he has to work with are just terrible. Also, the actual spin dash sound is made when Sonic spin dashes, so that’s something. I also kinda dig how Jim Carrey ends up with the classic Eggman look, even if it’ll probably be only at the end of the movie. With that the list of good things is done!

When it comes to the bad stuff in the trailer, oh boy is there a lot. First of all, it’s scored to the classic Coolio song Gangsta’s Paradise, which does not at all have a fast tempo. There’s also the fact that the story is about the Pentagon hiring Dr. Robotnik to capture Sonic. This is while Sonic works with a local city cop to “save the world,” but it likely just means fighting Robotnik. This trailer also shows off some new powers for Sonic, like having him and his hairs electrically charged, but also his new ability to open up portals like Doctor Strange. Yet all of these don’t even come close to the worst offense of this trailer and movie, Sonic’s design.

Sonic’s design in this movie has to be one of the worst video game to movie transitions ever. It makes the Super Mario Bros movie look…not as bad. Sonic’s design though, it’s just terrible. His entire body is just so lanky, and his arms and legs look almost human. But instead of his white gloves on his hands, his fur is just white. The biggest and most severe change was to separate his one eye into two eyes. Also, why does he have human teeth?Honestly, I can’t fully put into words how off putting Sonic’s new design is, but it shows when you look at it. In all truth, he looks more like a sleep paralysis demon than the true Sonic the Hedgehog.

But even with this just awful design, how do I like this trailer? To put it frankly, I love this trailer because it’s such a train wreck. The combination of all the previously mentioned elements just show how bad it is, but it’s also one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Not intentionally though, of course. My friends and I were laughing about this trailer all day, between Sonic’s horrifying new design to the fact that the US government is hunting down Sonic (which actually happens more than you would think), this trailer was just hilarious. Do I think this movie is going to be good? Not at all, but I do still think I love it. It’s so strange and already has such an element of it’s so bad it’s good to it, that you already know I’m going to see it on opening night. In all honesty, this movie seems like it will be the epitome of Sonic, showing just how something so weird and bad can still be fun, just like most Sonic games.