Top 20 Pokemon From the Gold and Silver Beta

Recently the demo of Pokemon Gold and Silver shown off at Space World 97 have been discovered. This was the first time the Johto region was shown off, and many things were changed for the official release of the game. But the most interesting thing is the amount of changed or removed Pokemon that were first in the game. So, I’ve compiled my 20 favorite changed or removed Pokemon.

20. Original Remoraid

Remoraid isn’t a great Pokemon, but its original design is great. It’s literally just a fish shaped like a gun. This also makes more sense for its evolution to Octillery, who was originally modeled as a tank.

19. Early Noctowl

This design isn’t too crazy, but that’s why I like it so much. It’s just a large owl, but with a very sleek and minimal design. This also makes sense for it being a Pokemon that appears at night, as it’s harder to see it.

18. Water Dragon

This was the original final evolution for the water starter, but it’s one I’m glad was replaced. This is a cool design for a Pokemon, and actually seems more fitting to be an evolution for Dragonair, as opposed to Dragonite.

17. Slowbro Tail

This is literally just Slowbro’s tail. However, this may have been a new evolution for Shelder, as the PokeDex states that Slowpoke evolves because a Shelder bites its tail.

16. Pointy Blob

Honestly I just like this one because it looks like it’s always screaming. That, and that it looks like an angry Ditto.

15. Lip Plant

This is an example of a Pokemon that was good to take out, but I still think it’s great. It’s clearly playing of of the Bellsprout line, and could have been an alternate evolution, but it just resulted in a horrific lip plant monster.

14. Psychic Meowth

Meowth is most well known for being Team Rocket’s talking companion, but that wasn’t the case in game. But for many Pokemon, Johto gave them an earlier, baby Pokemon, and it looks like Meowth was supposed to get one as well. However, this Pokemon seems to have psychic abilities, something neither Meowth nor Persian have, which could have caused it to be scrapped.

13. Mecha Pinsir

Pinsir is already one of the coolest bug Pokemon even today, but this Pokemon would have topped it. It seems like it would have been an evolution, and makes Pinsir look a lot more threatening. But when comparing this to Pinsir’s mega evolution, this seems to have been altered slightly to fit the bill.

12. Original Bayleef

For almost every starter Pokemon, the middle evolution is the worst, whether it doesn’t change enough or changes to much. Well this would have been an example of the latter, as this moth looks nothing like Chikorita or Meganium, who were unchanged. But while this Pokemon doesn’t look like it should have been in the Chikorita line, it has a very cool, Mothra-esque design that I would have loved to be used in a different Pokemon.

11. Chin Eel

When you think of electric eels, you usually think of a sleek underwater snake. Well this Pokemon spit in the face of that by giving an eel a ginormous and goofy chin. But honestly, this is way better than the electric eel Pokemon we eventually got, as this one has some serious personality.

10. Original Politoed

Politoed isn’t the most unique frog Pokemon, but that would have been easily changed if it kept its beta version. This frog is different from other frog Pokemon considering that it actually sits like a frog. However, its sprite size makes it look large, which would be a great aspect, having a slightly normal looking frog, except for the fact that it’s huge.

9. Furry Demon

I don’t really know what this is, but I do know that it looks cool. This seems like a classic case of trying to do too much at once, as this Pokemon’s trying to go for both the cool and scary look at the same time.

8. Vine Creature

This Pokemon looks like a more feminine Tangela, but even that provides a new angle from what we’ve seen previously. This could have been going for a parallel to the Nidorino and Nidorina angle.

7. Lickitung Evolution?

At this point of Pokemon, only one Pokemon had a long tongue, that being Lickitung. While this could have been an evolution, it was also possible that it was a preevolution. Either way, there’s a lot going on here, including spots, a mustache, and a hat of some kind.

6. Magic Swan

As of now, there’s only one swan Pokemon, and it’s fairly standard. However, this Pokemon looks like it would have brought a unique aspect to a simple animal. It could have also possibly added a dark or psychic typing, instead of a normal or water type.

5. Qwilfish Evolution

Qwilfish is one of the most forgettable Pokemon, but it wouldn’t have been if it had an evolution like the one from the beta. Not only does it have a silly looking face, but it has a lightning bolt on its forehead, possibly signaling a water and electric type.

4. Ball Lion

What is this thing? I have no clue. But is it adorable? You know it. This Pokemon would have likely joined the ranks of Pokemon that are liked for its design, rather than its actual use in game.

3. Anchor Shark

When you compare this beta Pokemon to the third generation Sharpedo, the resemblance is obvious. This seems almost like a bet version of Sharpedo, but with an anchor coming out of his back, as opposed to Sharpedo’s lack of anything.

2. Happy Plant

Is this a plant/animal hybrid? Maybe. The black and white color scheme can make it hard to distinguish what could be leaves and a flower, or just weird body parts. But there’s one thing you can’t deny, this Pokemon is happy. And at the end of the day, that’s all anyone wants, to be happy.

1. Ghost Pals

The three ghost Pokemon from generation one were fairly simple, and this beta continues that, while making it somewhat more complex. But more than that, it provides a creepy image for what could have led to this Pokemon’s existence.



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