Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games from Year One

It has been one year since the Nintendo Switch has released, and video games have never been better. The Switch is the fastest selling video game console ever, and has already surpassed the Wii U’s lifetime sales, so Nintendo is clearly doing something right. The Switch hasn’t sold so well due to just the console, people are buying it for the great games. However, which games were the best from the Switch’s first year? Also, I wasn’t able to play all the games that have been released this past year, and these are just my personal opinions.

10. Mighty Gunvolt Burst

While Mighty №9 might have been a complete flop, this early Nintendo Switch game wasn’t. It combines both Mighty №9 and Gunvolt, which results in a unique game with tons of features. You gradually get stronger as the game continues, by both upgrading your movement and your weapon. Rather than getting new weapons by beating bosses, you add abilities to your gun such as elemental types and charges. While this isn’t the greatest game on the Switch, it definitely provides a great time.

9. Pokken Tournament DX

One of the Wii U games that has been ported to the Switch, Pokken Tournament DX still has both a great casual and competitive aspect. While this port only adds a few new fighters and support Pokemon, the base game is good enough to stand on its own. This was one of the best spin off games that made it to the Wii U, so it’s a good thing that more people are getting exposed to it now that it’s on the Switch.

8. Arms

Nintendo’s newest IP since Splatoon has a race of stretchy armed people fight in boxing tournaments to be the best. As weird as a concept as it may be, it’s turned out to be a very fun game. And while it was slightly bare at launch, it has gained new characters and modes throughout the following months. However, the game does start to feel very same-y after a while, which puts it up this high on the list.

7. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight is the indie gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you play the Shovel, Plague, and Specter campaigns on the go, but you could actually play Specter Knight earlier on the Switch than anywhere else. Either way, all of the three campaigns are super fun, and the fourth and final one is on the way to the Switch this year.

6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Every Nintendo console gets a Mario Kart, but it seems like the Switch might get two. That’s because it’s also got a port of the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8. Now, the port has new characters and kart items, but the biggest change is to the battle mode. That’s because it’s actually good now. Rather than using the entire racing stage, there are now designated battle stages, and both new and old modes to battle in.

5. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids + XCOM + Grant Kirkhope = an amazing game. Yes, this was the Switch’s sleeper hit, mostly for the fact that it had Mario meeting the Rabbids. Well, they’re far more toned down than normal, and the game itself makes up for them. That’s because it’s a tactical RPG, much in the style of XCOM. Your characters gain newer stronger weapons in addition to getting better abilities that can be repeatedly upgraded. And to tie up the package is Grant Kirkhope, aka one of the best composers in video game history. His music just accentuates all of the different parts of the game, with the midboss theme really capturing the spirit of the game as a whole.

4. Splatoon 2

Many Wii U games were ported over to the Switch, however Splatoon was popular enough to get a full fledged sequel, which is easily the best competitive on the Switch as of now. Splatoon 2 adds new game modes, weapons, and gear, and is still being updated to this day. While this may not have been the most drastic of sequels, it was better to give a fresh start to both new and old players on the new console.

3. Sonic Mania

Two Sonic games were released this year, with one being great, and the other being not so stellar. Ironically, the better game was the one made by fans of the series, that being Sonic Mania. This game is a great game from start to finish, with awesome graphics, gameplay, and especially music. Sonic Mania goes to show you that even if a game is cheap and made by fans, it can be better than the big company release.

2. Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is Nintendo’s mascot, and his foray onto the Switch was one of the best games of 2017. It brought Mario back to a true open world 3D game, and the world is better because of it. Mario is much more mobile, with tons of new and unique worlds to explore. This isn’t even mentioning the ability to posses tons of different enemies, both new and old to Mario himself. If you have a Switch and don’t have this game, you’re only hurting yourself.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is undoubtedly the best game currently on the Nintendo Switch. This means the Switch peaked at its launch, but it’s fine by me. Breath of the Wild is so fun to play, whether you’re exploring the world, following the story, or just messing around. Speaking of the world, it’s larger than Skyrim, which is an impressive feat in and of itself. But seriously, you’ve already heard all the praise for this game, so just go get it yourself. If you want my full thoughts, check out my review here.



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