Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Everything Revealed

Logan Busbee
4 min readJun 12, 2018


After it was first teased, everybody wanted to know who would playable. Well, literally every single charcter that has been in a Smash game is playable again, that include characters taken out from other games, such as Snake and Young Link. But that’s not all that was revealed.

Apparently, the starting roster may be as small as the original Smash’s, which was eight players.

There are also updates to many characters. Mario can now wear both his wedding and builder outfits as alternate costumes.

Link now wears his Champion tunic as his default costume, can detonate bombs remotely, and his final smash now shoots a large arrow.

Ike will now be able to wear outfits from both Brawl and Four, allowing players to choose their favorite.

Pikachu also now has a female version, and features new costumes from the new Pokemon games.

Fox now has a costume based off of his Star Fox Zero costume, and has a quicker and better final smash. Falco also has a new design and a more unruly final smash.

During one on one fights, Ryu will always face his opponent, as a nod to Street Fighter.

Samus is now able to charge her weapon in midair.

Marth’s Dancing Blade is now much faster, and Marth will finally be voiced in full english.

Snake is returning, and along with him is the return of the Shadow Moses stage.

King Dedede’s final smash has changed to a cage fight with missiles and a jet hammer.

Pichu is returning, but unfortanuetly, he still gets damaged when attacking others.

Zelda’s design is now based off of her Link Between Worlds design, and her new final smash uses the Triforce of Wisdom

Sonic, in keeping with his title, will now be much faster during his final smash, as will Pac-Man.

The Pokemon Trainer is back, but now, players will be able to use both a male and female Pokemon Trainer. They will also be able to freely change Pokemon through out the match.

During one on one fights, some moves will cause a dramatic slow-mo.

The F-Zero track Big Blue will also be returning.

Certain characters will now also have certain things displayed, such as Cloud’s limit gauge, Robin’s weapon durability, and Villager’s pocketed item.

Bowser will now become much larger in his final smash, and will target one large punch.

Mr. Game and Watch will now look more like the games he is from when using his moves.

Wolf’s return will have his Star Fox Zero design, and his attacks will be stronger.

Kirby’s stone ability can now have him transform into a chest from Breath of the Wild.

Shulk can now quickly change his Monado Arts that he is using.

Ganondorf will now have his design from Ocarina of Time, and have his final smash turn him into Ganon.

The Mii Fighters now have enhanced move sets, and will have 12 different voices to choose from.

Pit’s final smash now has him ride in the Lightning Chariot.

Zero Suit Samus also has a new final smash, where she uses her power armor to shoot a huge laser beam.

Olimar’s helmet can get cracked when taking damge, but it will fix itself.

Rodin, from the Bayonetta series, is now an assist trophy.

Wario’s final smash now has him do a large attack, and Donkey Kong’s has been changed to rapid punching.

Little Mac’s final smash now has him fire many rapid fire punches as Giga Mac.

Paula and Poo will now appear in Ness’s final smash, and Kumatora and Boney will appear in Lucas’s.

The Dr. Wily stage will now have many more hazards, and Proto Man and Bass will appear in Mega Man’s final smash.

Palutena’s moves have been streamlined to be easier to use.

R.O.B. now has a gauge to show how much fuel he has left.

Lucina and Dark Pit are now called Echo fighters, and Daisy will join them. Echo fighters have similar moves, but those moves have different effects.

Inklings can ink opponents, who will then take more damage. Different weapons from Splatoon will show up for different moves, but Inklings can run out of ink. The Killer Wail is the final smash. Each costume has their own ink color.

There will also be the addition of Moray Towers as a stage, and the Squid Sisters as an assist trophy.

New to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, assist trophies will be able to be KO’d. Bomberman will also appear as a new assist trophy.

But there will also be new Pokeball pokemon from more recent games, like Sun and Moon.

The stages will also have updated graphics, and both Omega and Battlefield forms. Plus, their will be a new Zelda stage in the form of the Great Plateau Tower.

There will also be a plethora of new attacks, including directional air dodging, short hop attacks, and perfect shields.

In timed battles the leader will occasionally flash a color.

Gamecube controllers will be able to be used, as well as all previously released amiibo, no matter what series. There will also be new amiibo made for new characters.

And for one last character announcement, Ridley will be a playable character! He’s quite large, and has quite violent and rough attacks.

So when will you be able to play the newest Smash Bros game? Well, quite soon, as Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases on December 7th, later this year.



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