Steven Universe “Reunited” Review

These past four episodes have all been building up to one thing, the wedding of Ruby and Sapphire. After they both did some self exploration, they’ve realized they need each other. Ruby proposed to Sapphire, who said yes. So now, everyone’s getting ready for the wedding of the gems, but will everything go according to plan?


This episode starts with Steven singing, which essentially recounts Rose being Pink, and then shifts to a song about the upcoming wedding. He goes and sings with all the gems, except for Ruby and Sapphire, who are preparing for the wedding. We then see the set up wedding, and a nervous Sapphire. Ruby then comes out of the house in her wedding dress. We then see a super sweet scene where Ruby and Sapphire confess their love for each other. Ruby and Sapphire then kiss, and refuse into Garnet. It then goes to the dance floor where people are dancing, talking, and having an all around good time. Steven talks to Garnet, and starts crying, but when he can’t stop, he knows the Diamonds are on their way. Both Blue and Yellow Diamond’s arm ships arrive, and pass over all the gems. That’s because they’re going to take back the Cluster, which is still in Steven’s bubble. Steven falls asleep to go calm the Cluster down, so it doesn’t break open its bubble. However, the bubble pops anyway, and the Cluster starts to take form. A giant arm forms, reels back, and then punches Yellow Diamond’s ship. The Cluster and Yellow’s ship start to arm wrestle, and then Blue Diamond’s ship flies over the temple, and smashes Blue Diamond down onto the beach. Blue demands Rose come down to her, as she doesn’t belong on Pink’s world. While everybody gets ready to fight, Steven calms them down, so he can go talk to her. Blue hits Steven with an energy blast, but he’s caught by Alexandrite. Blue then uses her depression wave, and it affects everybody except for Connie. She rides Lion towards Blue, swings Rose’s sword down, but Blue catches it, and destroys it. Meanwhile, the Cluster is starting to lose the arm wrestling match. And while all the gems are trying to figure out what to do, Garnet steps up against Blue. But Garnet wasn’t fighting Blue, just distracting her. That’s because Lapis was above her, and slams the barn down onto Blue, stopping the depression wave. Lapis then officially joins the Crystal Gems to help fight the Diamonds. Blue uses the depression wave again, and it affects everyone, but Lapis fights through it. Everyone then works together to attack Blue Diamond, and the eventually knock her down. As they do that, the Cluster slams Yellow’s ship onto Blue Diamond and her ship. This sends Blue’s ship flying into Steven’s house, destroying the front. The Cluster then goes back into its bubble underground. But as everyone is celebrating, Yellow Diamond gets out of her ship, and gets ready to fight alongside Blue Diamond. Peridot tries to tell of Yellow, but Yellow electrocutes and poofs Peridot. Steven then tells Yellow that he’s Pink Diamond, but she runs forwards and steps on him, crushing him. Steven wakes up, but only in his head. He sees Connie and all the gems, but he then sees Lapis get poofed just like Peridot. Steven then psychically inspires all the gems, and goes to try to psychically convince the Diamonds that he’s Pink. However, Steven can’t reach Yellow’s thoughts, so he tries for Blue’s instead. He manages to get to both of them, and get them to stop fighting. Steven gets mentally attacked, but ends up using his Diamond ability of compassion to get the Diamonds to stop fighting. The episode ends with everyone staring down at Steven, and the Diamonds having realized that Steven is Pink.


This episode managed to do so many things in the course of 22 minutes. It concluded the Ruby and Sapphire episodes with their wedding, which was adorable and very nice. From there we see all the gems and people having a good time, and suddenly the Diamonds show up. That kicks off the best fight scene in the entire show, with all the Crystal Gems fighting Blue Diamond, and Lapis coming back to save the day. We see all of them working together as a team, even against the dark and dreary odds. This whole time there’s great music going on, with character themes playing whenever someone steps up. And, the episode started with Steven singing a fun song that helped put everybody’s fear to rest about the wedding.

Final Thoughts

This was one of, if not the best episode of the entire series. This episode was able to balance character development, a large character moment, forward plot movement, and the greatest fight scene in the show. Plus, it brought back Lapis in the best way possible, fighting alongside the Crystal Gems as one of them. The episode also ended with a large cliffhanger, and one that will have large ripples throughout the rest of the series.




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