Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Power Rankings

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has a huge cast of both Spider-People and villains, all of which have to share the screen time as they try to make their mark. However, in this movie some people managed to accomplish their goals and make a larger impact. So, this is my power rankings of the major heroes and villains of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and be warned, I will be spoiling the movie. But honestly, if you haven’t already seen it, what are you even doing with yourself?

13. Tombstone

Tombstone isn’t a huge part of the movie, but he shows up with enough frequency to constitute him being on this list, even if it is at number 13. In almost every scene he’s in, Tombstone either isn’t doing anything, or is getting beat up. He gets knocked down by Aunt May with a baseball bat, and is quickly defeated when fighting Spider-Man Noir. Honestly, nobody expected Tombstone to be threatening, so he at least he can take solace in that. That is, if he isn’t dead of course.

12. Green Goblin

Speaking of dead, the Green Goblin most definitely is. However, he did do more than Tombstone, as he was the main reason why Peter Parker died. He may have been killed in an explosion, but he did almost kill Spider-Man all on his own, which is better than anything Tombstone did.

11. Prowler

Prowler, while a great character who is important to Miles’ character, doesn’t actually do too much when he’s alive. As the Prowler he helps delay Spider-Man from stopping the Collider, and does almost get the Goober in the fight in Aunt May’s house. However, as he found out that Miles was Spider-Man, he was shot in the back by Kingpin. Just before he died though, he gave Miles his Uncle Ben moment, which helped push Miles to keep going.

10. Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Into the Spider-Verse starts with a traditional Peter Parker intro (mimicking the Sam Raimi films), but before the first act has finished Peter’s been killed by Kingpin after trying to save New York. However, he managed to outlive Green Goblin, as well as pass the goober onto Miles, moving forward the key to saving the day.

9. Scorpion

Scorpion is a minor villain, and really only shows up in the fight at Aunt May’s and in the collider room. However, in those two fights, especially the latter, he manages to make his mark. In the first fight he holds his own against multiple Spider-People. However, in the second fight he destroys SP//DR (Peni’s robot), but gets beaten by the power of a pig and an anime girl.

8. Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir is Spider-Man, but from the Great Depression. As such he doesn’t take flack from anyone, which is why he’s a standout in fights, even if he does get a bit intense. This can be seen in both the fight at Aunt May’s, and because he takes out Tombstone at the very beginning of the final fight. However, he wasn’t able to use his greatest weapons, those being guns, as they had to keep the rating lower on the movie.

7. Spider-Ham

When thinking about the alternate Spider-Men who would be great in fights, you might not first think of Spider-Ham. But he has the advantage of cartoon physics, which make him practically a God. He shows this in both the May fight, and by almost single handedly taking out Scorpion, who is a much more menacing villain than Tombstone. It could also be said that his anvil was the thing that truly destroyed the Collider at the end.

6. Doc Ock

Into the Spider-Verse puts a new spin on the classic villain of Doctor Octopus, and that’s by making Doc Ock a woman. However, she does have a major importance to the story, that being that she built the collider that kicks off the entire story. This instantly pushes her forward in the list, but she’s also a formidable enemy besides that. Multiple times she gives the Spiders a run for their money, and easily holds off Tombstone at one point, but that’s not really an accomplishment. Doc Ock could have been even more of a threat if she hadn’t been hit by a bus in the final battle.

5. Peni Parker

While the other alternate Spider-People showed a lot of fighting prowess, Peni Parker helped in both fighting and actually stopping the Collider. She remade the goober from Doc Ock’s hard drive, as well has helped figure out the schematics to get into Fisk Tower and down to the Collider. Peni also did manage to land the final hit on Scorpion, who had destroyed the SP//DR robot.

4. Kingpin

Kingpin takes the place of main villain, and while not as great as his Netflix counterpart, does manage to make his mark and have somewhat sympathetic motivations. But, he’s not this high on the list because of character motivations, he’s this high because he’s a good villain. He kills Spider-Man with his bare hands, and shoots the Prowler in the back when he gets betrayed. Kingpin also almost kills Miles at the end of the movie, but he gets defeated by Prowler’s signature move, the shoulder touch.

3. Spider-Gwen

Gwen Stacy is a huge part of why the Spider Gang manages to succeed, because without her, Peter and Miles wouldn’t have gotten Doc Ock’s hard drive to make a new goober. She proves her worth in fights by not only fending off enemies like Doc Ock, but also by helping get the team back on track when they get scattered. Gwen also helps motivate Miles, and by the end of the movie they’ve built up a great friendship that will no doubt be expanded on in the sequel.

2. Spider-Man (Peter B. Parker)

While Gwen may have helped Miles at points, his teacher was the alternate universe Peter Parker. His teaching methods may not be the best, but not only does he help teach Miles how to be Spider-Man, he learns a few things himself, mostly how to be a real hero again. In the final fight scene of the movie he’s willing to stay and sacrifice himself to help defeat Kingpin after already fighting off other villains including Doc Ock. But, he doesn’t get the chance, due to the number one character.

1. Miles Morales

Yes, Miles Morales is the best character in the movie, and that is mostly because it’s his movie. He goes from regular kid to superhero in the span of a few days. At the start of his career though, he’s not that great, and mostly just brute forces situations to get through, such as stealing Doc Ock’s entire hard drive. However, by the end of the movie he’s become a true Spider-Man, swooping in to save the day and send all the other Spider-People home. He then goes one on one with Kingpin, and manages to not just win, but win by something his late Uncle taught him, the shoulder touch, which helps truly cement Kingpin’s defeat. The movie ends with Miles fully confident in his new role as Spider-Man.



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