Ranking Every Star Wars Battlefront II Hero

16. Finn

Finn kicks off the list as not only the worst, but also the newest. Both he and Captain Phasma were added as part of a Last Jedi event. Starting off, his gun is decent, but doesn’t fire fast enough, and it isn’t as strong as it should be to compensate. He has the deadeye ability, which essentially acts as an aimbot, making it so your shots don’t miss the enemy. Finn also has the big deal ability, which gives both him and allies extra health, damage reduction, no weapon cooldown, and a faster ability recharge, although it isn’t very helpful if you’re alone. But his final ability, undercover team, is the worst. It hides you from enemy radars, boosts your sprinting speed slightly, and helps show you nearby enemies. However, there are far more scenarios where it isn’t useful than where it is.

15. Leia Organa

Next up is Leia Organa, princess of Alderaan. Starting with her blaster, it shoots pretty slow and doesn’t wield much power. Although, you can make a charge shot which is a one hit kill, but that comes at the expense of the scope feature. Her first ability is a flash grenade, which stuns on impact. Leia can also protect herself and her allies with the squad shield, which is immune to blaster fire, but can be taken down by enough. However her last ability is the most fun, that being rapid fire. Leia gets a new gun, which both has a faster fire rate as well as does more damage, however it’s only for a limited time.

14. Darth Sidious

The first dark side character on the list, Darth Sidious is returning from the first Battlefront game, but with a few changes in his line up that end up leaving him feeling much worse. Starting off with the similarities, his main form of attack is still Sith lightning, and while it may drain slower, it feels weaker than in the first game. He also still has his chain lightning ability, which is great, allowing for many kills in quick succession. But now, his abilities start to diverge since last time. Sadly, Darth Sidious has lost his force spin ability, and in place of it is the electrocute ability, which is the run of the mill stun ability we see many times in this game. But Sidious also lost his health ability, and in place of it is the dark aura ability, which damages and slows the movements of those around him, although not substantially enough. The best thing they kept is that he still looks really weird when he runs though.

13. Iden Versio

Now we have EA’s original character, as well as the protagonist of the campaign, Iden Versio. While her choice as a character on the dark side doesn’t make much sense if you play the campaign, the abilities actually do! Her first ability is the stun droid, which acted as a fourth ability in the campaign. But while the main mechanic is similar to every other stun ability in this game, the droid can actually chain together stuns to nearby enemies, broadening the range. Iden’s next ability is the droid shield, which is a personal shield that helps protect her from danger, but it goes down to only a few blaster shots. And her last ability is the pulse cannon, which is a long range sniper, and it’s pretty powerful. However, the shots take a bit to charge, and it’s difficult to find a chance to use it on its own. And last but definitely not least, Iden has a great blaster. It’s pretty strong and has a very fast fire rate, and while there’s no scope, the charged shot doesn’t take nearly as long as Leia’s.

12. Captain Phasma

The other new character, Captain Phasma shows up in a much more glorious role than that of The Last Jedi. Here she is shown to be the threat that we’ve heard, with solid abilities and a solid blaster. Her blaster fires incredibly fast, with a solid damage output to back it up. From there her first ability, staff strikes, can help take out any close enemies, as she uses her staff to attack. There are also three strikes, which can be chained together, with the third strike being more powerful than the previous ones. Phasma also has First Order Sentry droid, and it can blast and shock enemies, but it doesn’t work very well. And her final ability is the survivor, which temporarily increases her health. While it may not be the most original, you can’t argue with results.

11. Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian, the smoothest pilot in the galaxy, made his way back for Battlefront seconds. But unlike Darth Sidious, Lando has gotten a full makeover, including both his weapon and his abilities. His blaster is a sniper, and it also shows the heat signatures of enemies in the scope, helping to see through the smoke from his first ability, the smoke grenade. This provides a good way to see without being seen, or a great way to confuse the enemies and make a daring escape. However, Lando can also escape using his next abilities, the disabler. They can disrupt the enemies radars so he can’t be seen, or overcharge them to shock nearby enemies, creating a good risk vs reward scenario. And his final ability is the sharp shot, which is really fun to use, as it locks onto up to five enemies, and then delivers multiple powerful shots which end in death.

10. Chewbacca

Kicking off the top ten we’ve got the wookiee sidekick, Chewbacca. He, of course, has his famous bowcaster, which can be used in a few different ways. You can shot five bolts horizontally, two vertically and two horizontally, or a charged version of either way. This dynamic helps to either deal with multiple enemies at once, or to focus fire on one enemy. When it comes to abilities, Chewbacca’s got some great ones there as well. The first one is the shock grenade, which stuns a couple enemies in an area, nothing too unique. But Chewbacca also has the charge slam ability, which can send you running forward, and then, when activated, have you slam down on the ground. This deals a lot of damage to surrounding enemies, as well as knocks them back a lot. And his final ability is the furious bowcaster, which overloads the bowcaster so Chewbacca shoots charged shots without having to wait. In this scenario, it’s definitely best to let the wookiee win.

9. Boba Fett

The coolest bounty hunter that got taken out like a chump is back for more, as Boba Fett rejoins the Battlefront crew. Now, he has the most features of any character, even outside of his weapon and abilities. The biggest difference is that instead of a scope, Boba Fett uses his jet pack to fly around, which, albeit hard to control, is really fun and feels really smooth. Boba Fett also has a different melee, which isn’t just a punch, but is a shot of fire. Now, moving onto his gun, it’s powerful, but shoots a few shoots at once, so there’s no rapid fire shooting. But his abilities are great, the first of which is the concussion rocket, which stuns enemies caught in the blast. Keeping with the rocket theme, Boba Fett has the rocket barrage ability, where you shoot a few rockets at once, which can quickly clear out a group of enemies. And his final ability is for the hunt, which shows the locations of nearby enemies, as well as give unlimited fuel to the jet pack.

8. Han Solo

The best smuggler in the galaxy, Han Solo, is back for another Battlefront game. He’s packing his classic blaster, which has the firing rate of a revolver, but the power of a shotgun. But that’s not the only trick he’s got up his sleeve, as we see in his first ability the detonite charge. Now it seems like a regular grenade, but it’s only activated when you want to, so it can easily be used as a trap. But if you need to get away fast from, say, 100 stormtroopers, you can use the shoulder dash, which also takes out the first enemy it hits. And finally, the sharpshooter ability allows Han’s blaster to shoot rapid fire, which destroys enemies, but it only lasts for about four seconds.

7. Bossk

Surprising almost everyone, Bossk has made it past some of the most memorable Star Wars characters. However, this is due to his unique abilities and destructive tendencies. It starts with his gun, which is powerful on its own, but is also a sniper which has an automatic kill charge shot, which only charges for a second or two. Now we get into his abilities, which are easily his strongest suit. First is the dioxis grenade, which is like Lando’s smoke grenade, except for the fact the it not only damages, but can kill enemies who are in it for too long. Next up are the proximity mines which can be used as a trap, or to stop enemies from following you. And finally, the greatest of them all, predator instincts. This gives Bossk thermal vision, as well as giving him a grenade launcher in place of his normal gun. Not only does this help to show you where the enemies are, it lets you mow them down just as soon as you find them.

6. Rey

Rey lands just outside of the top 5, and that’s because of her lacking abilities. While her lightsaber swings feel strong and quick, she doesn’t have many other good things going for her. Her dash strike is good and gets her moving fast, but it doesn’t always do much damage, let alone kill someone when they’re hit. Rey also has the mind trick ability, which stops foes for a while, which can help take out a bunch, or give you a chance to escape. And her final ability, insight, is probably the least useful. Her damage and stamina are boosted, and she can see nearby enemies, but the range isn’t nearly far enough, and the boosts aren’t that noticeable. But still, the good things about her, as well as the lightsaber, help get her this high on the list. Also, it’s going to be just lightsaber wielders from here on out, folks.

5. Yoda

The wise old Muppet Jedi made it into the top five, not letting his tiny stature keep him down. Anybody who’s seen the prequels will know how Yoda fights, quick and flipping a lot, and that is exactly how he handles in Battlefront II. Not only is he good with a lightsaber, taking out enemies in one or two hits, but he’s also got some good abilities to back him up. His first ability, unleash, has Yoda, well, unleash the force in a concentrated blast. However, he can make this blast stronger and reach farther if he blocked any blasts before he uses it. His next ability is the dash attack, which sends Yoda flying forward while dealing damage to any enemies in his way. He can also dash up to three times in a row. And finally, Yoda uses the presence ability to heal himself and any allies around him.

4. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, the most well known sci-fi hero ever, is the most fun light side character in Star Wars Battlefront II. However, he’s up here at number four because, it’s a rule that the dark side gets the cooler powers. So, what made Luke my favorite light side character? Well, he’s both a fast and strong attacker, with some really solid abilities. The first of which is the push ability, which can kill enemies, and if it doesn’t pushes them away, and if you position yourself correctly, over the edge of a pit. The next ability Luke has is the rush ability, and while it may be similar to Yoda’s it doesn’t go as far in return for more damage to those hit by it. And Luke’s final ability is repulse, which is so good. It is a giant force blast that is in a circle around Luke, and kills enemies who are caught in it. It is, completely overpowered, but also super fun to use.

3. Darth Vader

The most iconic Star Wars character takes his place at number three, barely being beat out. Seriously, these three were hard to place in order. But, the creator of having red lightsaber and a black outfit came in last, but he’s still got a lot of fight left in him. Vader has the obvious stuff like the crazy float jump, the block, and the lightsaber, but he’s got some pretty iconic abilities. The first of which is the lightsaber throw, which cuts through anybody unlucky enough to be in the line of fire. Next is Vader’s signature move, the force choke. But this time, it can get a whole group of people, not only stopping them from attacking you, but also heavily damaging, if not killing, them in the process. And finally, Vader has the focused rage ability which, isn’t that great. It just causes his lightsaber attacks to drain no stamina and deal more damage, but, Vader doesn’t need help killing people.

2. Darth Maul

The coolest character from the prequels is finally used right, as Darth Maul just decimates anybody standing in his way. Not only does his double lightsaber help deal with multiple people at once, but it looks cool doing it. His abilities are also sweet, even though he basically shares two of them with Darth Vader. First off he has the furious throw, which is the same as Darth Vader’s, except angrier. Next Darth Maul has the spin attack, which is similar to Yoda’s, except Darth Maul goes farther and does more damage. And finally, the choke hold, which isn’t a wrestling move, but is actually a better force choke, as it always kills those caught in its grasp.

1. Kylo Ren

Yes, the big bad Hot Topic ad is my favorite Star Wars Battlefront II character. Now, there are a fair amount of reasons as to why, so just hear me out. The first is that this is the Kylo Ren from the beginning of The Force Awakens, threatening, scary, and overall awesome. Second of all, he looks super cool, yes even the cross bar on his lightsaber looks cool. And most importantly, he is super fun to play as. When you use his block, it looks really cool and kills really fast. Kylo Ren is also really quick and strong, making it so you can easily wipe out tons of enemies with his lightsaber. Now, I’ll move onto his abilities, which are all from the movies. First he has the pull ability, which pulls enemies within range towards Kylo Ren, and they die on the way. Next is the freeze ability, which holds any enemies caught in range in place for a few seconds, which ties in well to Kylo Ren’s final ability, frenzy. This allows him to jump from enemy to enemy as he kills them, which is great for taking out large frozen groups all at once.



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