Metroid Samus Returns Review


Metroid Samus Returns takes place after the original, and the game summarizes those events for people who haven’t played it. Evil space pirates led by Mother Brain go to planet Zebes. They plan to use the parasitic Metroids to rule the Galaxy. She stops Mother Brain, but when Samus Returns starts, she is going to SR388. She was sent by the Galactic Federation, after a squad they sent out were all killed. Samus lands on the surface, and the adventure starts.


The Metroid series has two styles of games, sidescrollers and first-person shooters. Metroid Samus Returns uses the former, as it’s a remake of the series’s second game. Samus still has her normal traits, like running, using the morph ball, wall jumping, getting different equipment, etc. However, three new gameplay elements have been added that drastically change the game, which are 360 degree aiming, the melee counter, and Aeion abilities.


Metroid has always been one of Nintendo’s darkest series, and has always relied on a sense of isolation to help put the player into the shoes of Samus. Luckily, Samus Returns excels in both fronts. Samus Returns is still a very dark entry, without being overly edgy. We see some bodies of Federation troops, along with the husks of ever evolving Metroids.

Final Thoughts

Metroid Samus Returns is not only a great game, but a perfect return to the Metroid series. It had the advantage of having a base game, because it’s a remake, and it used music from many different games in the series, which helped the game feel familiar for long time fans. This is also a great game to get into the series with, as it starts out fairly easy, and has a smooth difficulty curve. Outside of just the game, the great reception Samus Returns shows that the Metroid series has breathed its final breath, and this is getting me even more excited for the upcoming Metroid Prime 4.




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