Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown

Logan Busbee
4 min readFeb 5, 2018


Nowadays, two of the biggest US events are the Super Bowl, and when a new Avengers movie comes out. Well, Marvel decided to combine these two things, giving us a brief new look at Infinity War. While these new clips seem to be from scenes we’ve already seen, it’s always good to see more footage.

The first shot of the trailer is Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man in his Spider-Armor, looking around a very mechanical room. This could be inside of the spinning wheel we saw in the first trailer, as all of these characters would be near it at the same time.

After that we see Scarlet Witch doing some magic on the human looking Vision, but it’s not clear what’s happening. It does show how their relationship has grown since Civil War.

Next we see Star-Lord, Gamora, Mantis, and Drax walking through a room that looks similar to the one from the start of the trailer.

Another shot reveals Thor, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon flying through space, showing why they aren’t with the other Guardians.

Another shot reveals Spider-Man, in his normal costume, on the side of the ring. The ring is also flying up away from the atmosphere. This is important because he’s been seen wearing the Spider-Armor on the ring, just not in this shot.

Next is a shot of Black Widow, Vision, Captain America, and another unseen figure walking through the Avengers base.

After that is Thor standing on a floor that looks similar to the interior scene earlier in this trailer, but it could be the ring he’s seen in in the original trailer.

After that, we see the “shield” Black Panther was referring to. It’s more like a gauntlet, but Captain America has one on each arm, which help pack a punch, and can probably block them as well.

We see why Iron Man has an arc reactor under his clothes when we see his new suit forming on him, and it looks like it was in New York, where he’s been seen in multiple shots.

Next we see teenage Groot, in a place that looks very similar to where he, Rocket, and Thor were earlier in the trailer.

After that Nebula is shown, but she’s on the planet where Thanos fights the Avengers, as can be seen by the similar looking background from shots seen with that planet.

We then get more shots of the Wakanda War, including seeing Black Widow and the troops riding towards the fight, and Bucky running in with a machine gun.

After that we see Iron Man flying in his new armor, but he flies right through one of Doctor Strange’s spells, which destroys the spell.

And the final shot is of Thanos just looking real evil.



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