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Fire Emblem is best known for its over abundance of characters in the Super Smash Bros. series, but it started as, and the core games continue to be, turn based RPGs. Will the newer games continue this trend?

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia

It starts with a brother and sister reading about to gods that fought each other, and said they wouldn’t do that themselves. the two gods split the land they would rule. It is a remake of the second Fire Emblem game, which was released exclusively in Japan. It also has dual protagonists named Alm and Celica. Uses the same style as Fire Emblem Awakening. It includes free roaming in the world, and vast, enemy filled dungeon. It launches on the 3DS May 19th, along with Alm and Celica amiibo.

Fire Emblem (Working Title)

A new Fire Emblem on the Nintendo Switch. It is planned for 2018

Fire Emblem Warriors

It is a Dynasty Warriors Styled game, but with Fire Emblem characters, similar to Hyrule Warriors. It will be released in Fall 2017 on the Nintendo Switch and the New Nintendo 3DS.

Fire Emblem Heroes

It is a mobile Fire Emblem game. Level up famous series characters. You are a summoner who calls upon old Fire Emblem characters. Some, however, will fight against you. The map is 6 x 8 tiles to fit on a phone screen. Dragging allies onto enemies to attack. Each character has attributes, which act in a Rock-Paper-Scissors style. You use orbs to summon heroes. You get orbs through gameplay, or buying it. All heroes are redrawn, and their voices have been rerecorded. Defeated units don’t die, but are useless for the remainder of the battle. The Training Tower levels heroes up, and raises the star level. Hero Battles give you Heroes if you win. Available February 2nd on google play, and ‘Available Soon’ on the app store.



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