Avengers: Infinity War Performance Rankings

Infinity War is already one of, if not the best Marvel movie. However, this is due almost entirely to the great characters that populate the movie. These are characters that we’ve grown attached to as we’ve seen them in tons of different movies. However, some of these characters do a much better job than others when it comes to fighting, rescuing, and plan-making. Be forewarned, this article does have SPOILERS for all of Infinity War, so go watch it first, then come back here read this article.

31. Shuri

We’ve easily got the weakest performance from Shuri. She literally does nothing in the movie, which sucks because she was great in Black Panther. In this movie she tries to remove the Mind Stone from Vision, but gets beaten up up by the near dead Corvus Glaive and does nothing else for the rest of the movie.

30. Heimdall

We’ve got another weak performance from Heimdall. Not only is he the first death, he just gets stabbed after teleporting the Hulk back to the Earth. Heimdall doesn’t even try to fight Thanos with his sword, which sucks considering how cool he’s been in past movies.

29. Loki

Loki was the first major death, and one people predicted at that. What makes Loki’s death infuriating is that if he played his cards better, he could have survived for longer. But he tried to kill Thanos with a regular knife after giving him the space stone. However, seeing Loki get choked and turn blue after he dies really helped secure Thanos as a great villain.

28. Corvus Glaive

The first of the Black Order, and one who I feel deserved better. In the comics his spear can cut through anything, but it is nowhere near as powerful here in Infinity War. However, you have to respect Corvus for how much damage he does, and how he survives for so long.

27. M’Baku

M’Baku is a great character, but in the huge mass of characters in Infinity War, he gets swallowed up. However, he is able to be seen wrecking some Outriders in the Battle of Wakanda. M’Baku also survives when Thanos wipes out half of the universe, so I’m sure he’ll do some more in Avengers 4.

26. Okoye

Okoye falls into the same position as M’Baku, but she’s ranked higher due to a bit more screen time, some jokes, and a great dynamic with Black Widow. These two really are great, and make for some pretty enjoyable scenes.

25. Black Widow

The first Avenger on the list, Black Widow didn’t end up doing a whole lot. However, her fights against Proxima Midnight really do put her up against someone of equal skill, which is something we don’t see much of in these movies.

24. Proxima Midnight

Another member of the Black Order, Proxima Midnight steps up the game by actually managing to a proficient job when fighting. While she never manages to kill anybody, she manages to land hits on a fair amount of Avengers, and her death of getting lifted into a saw blade is pretty great.

23. Nebula

In contrast to her comic counterpart, Nebula doesn’t do much in Infinity War. She manages to escape from Thanos’s prison, and actually does fight with him for a bit. But at the end of the day, only she and Tony are left on Titan after Thanos reaches his goal.

22. White Wolf

Everybody was eager to see Bucky’s return after the end of Civil War, and it was ok, but not amazing. He gets a new gold and silver arm, as well as his new name of White Wolf. He participates in the Battle of Wakanda, and has a good interaction with Rocket, especially when he lifts him up in spins in a circle to kill a bunch of Outriders.

21. Vision

Vision was doomed from the moment he was created, just because he has the mind stone embedded in his forehead. However, he lasted longer than almost anybody thought he would, almost to the end of the movie. Vision evens manages to take out Corvus Glaive,which is impressive considering his weakened and injured state. But Vision really does get a raw deal when he dies, as he is killed twice. Once by Scarlet Witch, and a second time by Thanos, who just rips the mind stone out of his head.

20. Cull Obsidian

The third member of the Black Order, and the equivalent of their Hulk, Cull Obsidian does a good job bringing the pain. He beats up Iron Man and Spider-Man, only being stopped when he’s teleported to the arctic and gets his hand chopped off. But does he let that stop him? No, because he goes and fights in the Battle of Wakanda. Cull Obsidian dies in a lees than favorable way though, having his body rocketed across the protective shield until he explodes.

19. Mantis

Mantis is still coming pretty fresh off the coattails of being Ego’s slave, so she still has a lack of understanding certain things or phrases, but it has been toned down. But when it comes to actually fighting, she manages to subdue Thanos himself. As if this wasn’t an impressive feat all on its own, she used her powers all throughout the movie to assist her team.

18. Drax

Ever since the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax’s goal was to kill Thanos. While he doesn’t exactly get that chance here, he does manage to help fight him, and even helping to restrain him. However, he ultimately loses, so he didn’t get to avenge his family, but he ended up joining them.

17. Wong

Doctor Strange wasn’t the best Marvel movie, but it had some great characters, one of which is Wong. Wong makes his return here in Infinity War, and does a solid job defending Earth when Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian came to get the time stone. While this obviously isn’t successful, he does manage to protect the city and its civilians. But he leaves the movie early just to protect the Sanctum Santorum, even though he could have been a huge help in the fight against Thanos.

16. Gamora

Gamora had a lot of screen time in Infinity War, but it didn’t help our heroes. While Gamora thought she killed him, she actually just fell right into his trap. Thanos tortured Nebula until Gamora revealed the soul stone’s location. He kept using her, eventually leading to him killing her so that he could get the soul stone. Gamora thought she could trick her father, but ended up helping him complete his goal.

15. Ebony Maw

The final member of the Black Order, and the most capable. The first thing we see him do is restrain Thor with tons of scrap metal. Then Ebony Maw manages to fend off Iron Man, Wong, and Spider-Man in order to get Doctor Strange and the time stone. He then tortures Doctor Strange to try to get the time stone. And while he does die early on, at least his death is an homage to Aliens.

14. Groot

The most beloved guardian of the galaxy, Groot, did a fair amount for an edgy teenager. While he did a fair amount of just standing around and playing video games, he also did a fair amount of heroic things. When Dmitri is trying to find the Stormbreaker’s handle, Groot binds it together with his arm. And when Thanos was trying to get to Vision, Groot was actually able to hold Thanos back for a bit. That, and Groot’s death was quite sad.

13. Hulk

The first fight in the movie is the Hulk vs Thanos, and Thanos destroys Hulk in a great, but quick fight. From then on out, Hulk doesn’t appear in the movie, but Bruce Banner is great. Eventually he gets to use the Hulkbuster, and even takes out Cull Obsidian.

12. Falcon

Another former Avenger, Falcon manages to cause a lot of destruction and take down tons of Outriders, as well as fight both Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight. He flies around the Battle of Wakanda and just mows down tons of Outriders.

11. War Machine

A complete turnaround from his performance in Civil War, War Machine killed it in Infinity War. He and Falcon seemed to have a good relationship, which helped as they destroyed hundreds of Outriders. And War Machine goes straight for Thanos to help protect Scarlet Witch.

10. Rocket

Rocket does a great job stepping up from his previous incarnations, and actually embraces his character arc. He helps take Thor to make a new ax, and once they get to Wakanda, he wrecks shop. And when Groot starts to disappear, Rocket’s emotion can really be felt.

9. Captain America

The return of Steve Rogers has been hyped up to in all of the trailers, and it was pretty great. He’s much more serious and hardcore than before. When he first appears he beats up two of the Black Order. And at the very end, he’s the last one fighting against Thanos to protect Scarlet Witch.

8. Black Panther

After Black Panther released this February, everyone wanted to see more of, well, Black Panther. So to deliver on that, the biggest battle was hosted by T’Challa in Wakanda. Not only that, but Black Panther fights against all of the Outriders.

7. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch may not be everybody’s favorite character, but no one can deny that she is strong and determined in Infinity War. She fights against both Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight to protect Vision, and does a pretty good job. She also manages to throw Proxima into a bunch of blades, and destroys the mind stone to try to stop Thanos, even though it was in vain.

6. Doctor Strange

When it comes to roadblocks in Thanos’s plan, Doctor Strange is a huge one. He helps everybody when they’re attacking Thanos by creating platforms or teleporting them away. While he does give Thanos the time stone, he’s seen 14 million possible futures, only one of which has them winning. Clearly, that’s all part of their winning future.

5. Spider-Man

Spider-Man, AKA the best MCU character, does a great job in this movie. From making the plan to take out Ebony Maw, to beating up and subsequently restraining Thanos, and having some great jokes, he just kills it. Not only that, but his death is the saddest and most painful. And when he starts saying how he doesn’t want to go, I think everybody got a bit of an existential crisis there.

4. Iron Man

From Spider-Man Homecoming to Infinity War, Iron Man steps up a lot. We see that as Tony Stark, he and Pepper are getting married, and that he’s created a new Iron Man suit using nano tech. Speaking of nano tech, it makes Iron Man’s coolest suit to date, being able to fix broken parts, create new weapons, and strengthen other functions of the suit. One of the best uses is when Iron man is fighting Thanos one on one, and he keeps losing armor on certain parts of his body just to make up for the damage, while also still being able to fight Thanos.

3. Star-Lord

If you didn’t already love Star-Lord, well, there’s something wrong with you. But here in Infinity War he acts as great as before, with some added character growth. His interactions with Thor were great, and he comes up with the plan that almost beat Thanos. Granted, he did mess up his own plan and allow Thanos to wipe out half of the universe including him, but mistakes happen. However, that mistake allowed somebody to beat Star-Lord for the number two spot.

2. Thor

The MVP of all the heroes in Infinity War, Thor is on a hot streak with great appearances ever since Thor: Ragnarok. And here he meets up with Thanos, the Black Order, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers. He also goes and gets a new weapon in the form of the Stormbreaker. Once he gets to Wakanda he destroys so many Outriders and Outrider ships. But Thor also makes a major mistake, as when he has the chance to kill Thanos, he goes for the chest rather than the head.

1. Thanos

Honestly, how could it not have been Thanos? He won. Thanos managed to get all six infinity stones, and snapped his fingers, killing half of the universe. But even before that, he was the best and smartest character. He was able to predict how everyone would react, single handedly fight off tons superheroes, and actually achieve his goal. So when he sat down on his farm at the end of the movie, he was smiling because his work was done, because he saved the universe, at least in his eyes.



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