10 Biggest Things From the Avengers: Endgame Trailer

Logan Busbee
4 min readMar 14, 2019

Today, out of nowhere, Marvel released a new trailer for Avengers: Endgame. While the first trailer hyped everyone up for the movie, this trailer easily blows it out of the water. This features some of the most telling clues about what will happen in the movie, but even that still isn’t much. So, here are the 10 biggest things from the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer.

10. Thor and Captain Marvel’s Friendship

This was shown off at the end of the trailer, and it just has Thor saying that he likes Captain Marvel. While this is just a fun little scene showing her addition to the team, it could also be setting up for the two strongest Avengers to take on Thanos together.

9. Ronin’s Lost Family

While this was hinted at in the first trailer, we see Hawkeye’s daughter practicing using a bow and arrow with him, which transitions into him as Ronin. This is pretty telling of why he’s back in action, and later in the trailer shows the promise Captain America makes about helping get back his family.

8. Scott Lang’s Return

One brief flash shows Scott Lang back on Earth in the suburbs, looking at a telephone pole with tons of missing flyers on it. This is most likely soon after he manages to escape the Quantum Realm, and before he can meet back up with the Avengers.

7. Ronin and Black Widow

In the first Avengers movie it was shown that Hawkeye and Black Widow were good friends, and it seems that Black Widow will help Ronin out with the losses he’s had to deal with. Not only is she the one who comes and gets him for the Avengers, but it seems on the way to a mission they prepare together, being that they’re the two regular people on the team.

6. The Guilt of the Avengers

Most of the narration in the trailer is focused on how the Avengers are trying to get people to move on, but they can’t. It seems that they find a small way to possibly save the lost people, and that’s what inspires them to act. They promise to try and find, or at least avenge those who are now gone.

5. The Fight in the Tunnel

A few times throughout the trailer we see Ronin running through tunnels, at one point escaping an explosion, and at another aiming down the tunnels. But the major question is, does this take place before or after Ronin rejoins the Avengers? If it’s before, this will most likely be how he’s introduced, but if it’s after, this could signal an attack on the Avengers in a city, and one they weren’t necessarily prepared for.

4. Captain America’s Major Showdown

At one point in the trailer we see Captain America in his regular suit, beaten down but getting ready to fight again. This seems like a continuation of when someone strapped on Captain America’s shield in the first trailer. These two scenes seem to tease that Captain America will have a major, possibly final, showdown with Thanos.

3. New Avengers Suits

One of the bigger moments of the trailer showed all the Avengers in matching red and white suits. These don’t seem to be their main costumes though, so these are probably used for transport through the Quantum Realm (if theories are to be believed), or some other risky maneuver.

2. Attack on Ant-Man

At one point during the trailer we see a tiny Ant-Man run and do a flip off of a pencil in the middle of a battle, but that begs the question, who would bring a pencil to a fight? It seems that this won’t be a fight that the Avengers will be prepared for, and maybe even an attack on them at their base.

1. Iron Man and Nebula Back on Earth

The biggest reveal of the trailer showed that both Nebula and Iron Man would make it back to Earth and join back up with the Avengers. It was predicted that this would happen, but seeing Iron Man back with the rest of the Avengers is a great moment that people have been waiting for. But will all the remaining Avengers be able to take out Thanos? Find out when Avengers: Endgame releases on April 26.



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